Release of Kaffe 1.0 Beta 4

Tim Wilkinson
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 17:23:53 -0700

The Kaffe core team is pleased to announce the release of Kaffe OpenVM
1.0 Beta 4.  You can find information about the release at: 

The release can be downloaded from either or an appropriate mirror.

This release fixes a ton of things so we strongly suggest you upgrade. 
Here's a summary of what's new:

* New Java extensions:

        o Personal Java extensions

        o Serial port stuff: javax.comm (untested)

        o Servlets: javax.servlet (untested)

* Revamped class loading, supporting class unloading

* Revamped and much more efficient garbage collection
        o More efficient allocator

        o New, cleaner gc interface

* Cleaner threads interface

        o Linux native threads (incomplete)

* Use of libtool and automake for portability

* Fully intern'd strings and UTF8 constants

* Support for BeOS and OSKit

* Swing improvements - now supports Swing 1.1

* Object Serialization overhall - still buggy but mostly working

* Beans and reflection work better now

* StackOverFlowErrors now generated

* New java.lang.Character for real Unicode handling.

* Improved GC handling of strings

* Socket timeouts

* Lots of bug fixes.


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