[kaffe-announce] Kaffe 1.1.3 "Development" Release available for download

Jim Pick kaffe@kaffe.org
Sun, 7 Dec 2003 17:44:22 -0800

I've made the 1.1.3 release of Kaffe available for download at:


As this is a development release, it is essentially a snapshot of
what's happening in CVS, with limited testing.  Even though this is
not a production release, it contains a lot of improvements over
1.0.7, which was release over half a year ago.  I anticipate that most
people will have less trouble with this release.

Here are some highlights of new things done since the last development

  * More merges from GNU Classpath:
    * java.beans
    * java.util.Date
    * java.util.jar
    * java.net
    * java.io
    * javax.swing.EventListenerList
  * More JVMPI support implemented.
  * More NIO support implemented.
  * java.security.SecureRandom bugfix (with security
  * JIT fixes for x86, ARM and Sparc.
  * Interpreter fixes (underflow problem)
  * Fixes for Solaris, Darwin, FreeBSD.
  * Build fixes for powerpc64.
  * IPv6 fixes.
  * KJC fixes:
    * inner class access
    * switch labels
    * constant initializers
    * concatenating a null to a string
  * Fixes for SHIFT_JIS (Japanese) encoding.
  * Fix for Jetty 4.2.14.
  * AppletViewer fix for <applet> tag.
  * Lots of minor bug fixes.
  * Cleaned up GC code.
  * Compiler warning fixes.
  * Resynced with existing Classpath, GNU JAXP, Jessie.
  * Some successes: JBoss, Eclipse 3.0M4, gjdoc/libxmlj.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the continued progress.  The speed at
which Kaffe is improving is incredible.

There will probably be one more development release in about two months,
and we'll probably put out a heavily tested "production" release (1.2.0)
in early 2004.

Thanks to all of our developers, testers, and users!  Also, thanks to
Nihonsoft and Berkeley Signal for sponsoring the server.

Bug reports, comments and patches are always welcome -- send them to
the team at kaffe@kaffe.org.

Have fun!


 - Jim