[kaffe-announce] Kaffe 1.1.4 "Development" Release available for download

Jim Pick kaffe@kaffe.org
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:07:07 -0800

I've made the 1.1.4 release of Kaffe available for download at:


This is the next in the 1.1.x series of development releases.

Although not as fully tested as the current "production" 1.0.7 release,
most users will find it to be much more functional and complete.  We
are planning to update the production release later this year.

As this is a development release, it is essentially a snapshot of
what's happening in CVS, with limited testing.

Here are some highlights of new things done since the last development

* Support for security policy files
* AttachCurrentThread jni function for posix threads
* Bug fixes:
  * jar tool and jar file fixes
  * URL context handling
  * EUC-JP support rewritten to use libiconv
  * HTTP fixes
  * MulticastSocket
  * DNSJava binding
  * ARM jit
  * ServerSocket.bind
  * java.math.BigDecimal - fix rounding operations
  * JNI fixes
  * FTP handler from GNU Inetlib
  * SHA1PRNG randomness fixes (can use /dev/urandom if
  * java.security.SecureClassLoader fix
* GNU Classpath merges and updates:
  * Object serialization
  * almost all of java.io from Classpath
  * java.nio, java.net
  * java.util, java.util.regex
  * java.math, javax.naming
  * java.text, java.beans
  * java.net.protocol.file.Handler
  * java.util.Random
  * java.awt.GridBadLayout
  * java.awt.geom
  * javax.swing.event.EventListenerList
  * javax.swing.text.AttributeSet
* Updated sound code from Tritonus.org
* Updated javax.net.ssl/javax.security code
  from Jessie
* kjc bug fixes:
  * .this expressions
  * extra generated <clinit> methods
  * static initializers fixed.  Circular
    definitions of fields are now supported.
* Build fixes:
  * m68k atomic compare and exchange
  * m68k-netbsd
  * ALSA 1.0
  * mipsel-linux / jit3
  * Cygwin
  * FreeBSD networking
  * parisc and HP-UX
* New DocBook documentation:
  * "Porting Kaffe to a new platform"
* Support for debugging using cgdb
* Build system:
  * updated to automake 1.8.2, autoconf 1.59 and
    libtool 1.5.2
  * moved automake scripts and m4 files out of top
  * new regression tests for kjc
* Code cleanup:
  * some macros (sysdepCallMethod, CALL_KAFFE_EXCEPTION)
    converted to inline functions
  * moved vm specific part of java.lang.Thread into
* More compiler warnings fixes
* Some successes: JSPWiki, Babylon chat server (without
  graphics), Ant 1.6.0.

Some regression tests do fail in this release, and many of
the ports are still broken.

Again, thanks to all of our developers, testers, and users!

Also, if you happen to be in Brussels this weekend for FOSDEM,
I'll be there and so will a bunch of other free Java hackers.

Bug reports, comments and patches are always welcome -- send them to
the team at kaffe@kaffe.org.

Have fun!


 - Jim