What do you use Kaffe for?

Bryan Mann bmann at whistle.com
Mon Apr 7 18:04:02 PDT 1997

Tim Wilkinson wrote:
> Well while I was at JavaOne last week I got to thinking about what people 
> did with Kaffe.  I have a few ideas from those I met there but wondered 
> what other people were using it for.

We used kaffe to help us get a "virtual" InterJet up and running
on the web so that we can qualify ISPs(Internet Service Providers)
over the web.  The idea is they don't have to buy hardware to
prove that they know how to configure a routed IP link.
It's pretty cool.  We use a single FreeBSD machine to serve
as 4 InterJets, each in a chroot'ed env.

Basically kaffe is our development env. on FreeBSD.  In addition
we'd like to move our app. code and daemons to Java.  Because
we're embedding Unix we need a very stable JVM on FreeBSD.  
kaffe is a natural choice for that.


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