What do you use Kaffe for?

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at imag.fr
Tue Apr 8 13:52:58 PDT 1997

>Well while I was at JavaOne last week I got to thinking about what people 
>did with Kaffe.  I have a few ideas from those I met there but wondered 
>what other people were using it for.

  Hi Tim,

Well I have already sent this information on the list, but....
We are using Kaffe to embbed a Java interpreter in Amaya,
the W3C testbed browser/editor. It allows :
    to customize the application using Java programming.
    to uses Jigsaw HTTP classes to do network access
I choosed it because :
    it is available in source code
    it is redistributable with a licencing similar to W3C
    You and the kaffe community helped me embbed it into
    it runs on Linux and Solaris our two main platforms.

  keep up the good work ...

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