GC problem (finalisers) & comments

Tim Wilkinson tim at tjwassoc.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 13:56:33 PDT 1997

To all GC people,

[ Lots of really good stuff deleted ]

Hopefully the next version of Kaffe will address some of the issue raised 
in the recent postings on the GC; esp. the f-reachable problem which seems
to have got forgotton when the new GC went in.

Regarding the use of a third party GC; I'd like to make this possible 
soonish if I can but I'm don't particularly want to support its use.  
What I would propose therefore is to define the GC interface so another 
GC can be easily dropped in instead of the Kaffe default - this is 
something I'm working towards anyhow.  However, I would expect this to 
have implications on the threads too (since GC's usually hang on these 
too) and I'm nowhere near getting that abstraction done yet - but it is 
in the works.

However, as a starting point, perhaps someone would like to write the 
relevant wrappers for the Boehm collector for Kaffe to use.  This would
give me something to work regarding any necessary changes to the current
GC interface.


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