DOS should have a stable, pudly Java VM

Joaquin jm041536 at
Wed Apr 16 16:19:22 PDT 1997

> DOS would be great tho' you'd have to add support for TCP/IP to make it
> useful.  It'd be great to have a DOS-based java-ready device so that

DOS does have a TCP/IP implementation called WatTCP.  Many programs
ranging from grapical web browsers to email readers use WatTCP stack.
Check out for general info and further URLs.

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> Granted AWT would introduce a big can of worms not because of graphics
> support but more in the department of memory management.  Without AWT (i.e.

That why one would use an 32bit extender.

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> Anyone game for a 20-bit 80x86 VM implementation?
> I think it should probably not have anything do with Kaffe, personally.

Me neither, that why you would use a 32bit DOS extender to provide a flat
memory model called DPMI or protected mode interface.  The DJGPP package
offers a freeware extender and provides full gcc support.

I do not think it is a matter of extra support except possibly in
compilation targets.

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 - joaquin

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