What is the JavaPC? Software vs Hardware?

Joaquin jm041536 at dasb.fhda.edu
Thu Apr 17 11:54:24 PDT 1997

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Ian McFarland wrote:

> At 3:18 PM 4/16/97, Nicolo de Groot wrote:
> >What I have understood is that the $100 is for an PC-card with
> >Java-chip, this + the extra software will make is possible to
> >run a JavaPC.
> >

The CEO of Corel said software.  I beleive the CEO of Sun Microsystems
said the same, but his speech was vague.  You cannot determine this either
way through the press release.  There is a possibility that both will be
release.  Developers may want to test their products with a Java Processor
as well as a DOS, Windows, OS/2, NeXT, Solaris, UnixWare, or Linux.  If
they have a PCI card, then developers could test JavaOS, MacOS, NeXT OS,
mkLinux, and BeOS on a Macintosh as well.

> It's a shame that JavaOS had to be designed by Sun, with all their deep
> understanding of UI... I wonder if anyone will release a competing
> No reason that one couldn't. KaffeOS, anyone? BeJava? JavaOS/2? =-)

How about a NeXT/Mac look and feel by Apple, the people who know about

- joaquin

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