Known wait/notify bugs in Kaffe? I think I've found one.

Gary Howland gary at
Thu Apr 17 19:42:37 PDT 1997

> I've been using wait/notify in conjunction with the Biss library.  When I run 
> my application using Suns JDK on FreeBSD, it works as expected.  When I run it 
> using kaffe .83, it doesn't.  Are there any known wait/notify problems?

Looking into this problem some more, and adding more debugging, I see this:

	Signal 0x17f418 on 0x257428 0x25741c
	Unlock 0x17f418 on 0x25741c
	resumeThread 2bc18

The resumeThread line is the last time the id 2bc18 appears in the output.  It 
seems that this thread has not been resumed.

Also, if this means anything, thread 2bc18 is the main thread.  The first line 
out debug is this:

	main thread 2bc18 base efbf5670 end efbfd670


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