A bug with automatic variables and finally

Gary Howland gary at systemics.com
Fri Apr 18 18:01:47 PDT 1997


This appears to be a bug:

    public class Finally
        public Finally() {}

        public void
            int i = 3;

            try {
            finally {
                System.out.println("i = "+i);

        public static void
        main(String[] args)
            new Finally().x();

When run, 'i' no longer has the value 3 it appears to be rubbish.
The Sun JDK seems to work OK.  I have yet to try netscape and Microsoft.

However, if I add the line 'System.out.println("i = "+i);' after the line
'int i =3', then it works.  Perhaps something is being optimised away?

Also interesting, is if the line '((Object)null).toString();' is changed to
'throw new RuntimeException("Doh!");', then there is no problem.  So it 
appears that there is a difference in runtime exceptions!

I am running kaffe 0.8.4.

(What is the flag to run in interpreted mode?)

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