[ANNOUNCEMENT] Kaffe 0.8.4 released

Vijay Vaidy vijay at webpage.com
Mon Apr 21 02:33:08 PDT 1997

> KAFFE v0.8.4 - A JIT and interpreting virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code
> ===========================================================================

Hi tim ...

this version seems more stable than 0.83 but not as stable as 0.82 on our
software (on Solaris 2.5.1).

The problem we are encountering now is an infinite recursion in
the exception hadnler ... it appears that the exception handler
tries to find the handling code, and then assumes that the exception
can be handed to the thread's group's handler when all else fails,
but the thread in this case (the GC thread?) has no thread group
and so causes an exception ... which calls the exception handler.

You get the idea. :-)

I notice a few changes ... I wonder if you could tell us whats going
on so we can try and fix thgis ourtselves ...

1) the handleException now says ...

        /* Release the interrupts (in case they were held when this
         * happened - and hope this doesn't break anything).
        blockInts = 1;

why is this safe and why was this not a problem before. I did try
to back out of this, but was still able to reproduce the problem.

2) Is there a debugging routine to dump the current stack? so we can
tell what flow caused the problem ... the equivalkent of
e.printStackTrace() should do the trick. The generated machine
code confuses the debugger.

- Vijay

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