Next update to gc-malloc.c

Tim Wilkinson tim at
Tue Apr 22 13:28:15 PDT 1997

Bernie Solomon wrote:
> I have tried to build a JIT version of 0.8.4 on Alpha/Digital Unix 4.0
> (which seems to work much better than 0.8.3) but somehow its trying to
> allocate a ridiculous amount of memory and gc-malloc.c mishandles out of
> heap. I have updated my diffs to this file (includes yesterdays) to
> cope. At the same time I have suppressed a couple of warnings gcc was
> giving owing to 64 bit pointers.
> I'd also say that the algorithm gc-malloc.c is using may be fast but it
> can be pretty wasteful of memory.


Thanks alot for the fixes, they've been applied.  I realise the malloc
routine is a bit wasteful (it just came straight out of my system malloc
for FreeBSD) but it's only a stop-gap measure while the GC and malloc
systems are merged.


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