FileDialog and other weirdness in AWT

Petri Lipponen plippone at
Wed Apr 23 02:48:53 PDT 1997

Hello all!

I'm new on this mailing list, so please tell me if this is a FAQ. I
started to learn Java programming by writing a small color quantizier
software that uses SOM neural networks. I wrote this in JDK 1.0.2/Linux
and it worked all right (but slowly :)

Because I like my programs fast, I changed to kaffe JIT. However my
program has some weird behavior with the AWT. 

- FIleDialog doesn't show up. This means I can't choose picture(.jpg)
- Image.load doesn't seem to work either... If I manually set the file
  name, the picture does not appear.

So, if anybody knows what's wrong, please tell me... I have installed the
biss-awt befor compiling etc. and the basic window does show all right.

code can be found at ""

Thanks in advance!

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