A few more words about BISS-AWT on NEXTSTEP

Mark Probst schani at CSlab.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Apr 24 07:28:39 PDT 1997


since a few people have already claimed interested in my
NEXTSTEP port of the BISS-AWT, i have updated the web-page
(http://www.cslab.tuwien.ac.at/~schani/kaffe/) to include
a closer description about what it is all about. since
i figure that it this is more convenient for you, i do also
post it here:


A few words about WHAT exactly I have ported: The BISS-AWT is a
class-library that is a substitution for a large part of SUN's AWT. 
The cool part of BISS is that it needs only a very tiny native layer 
(implemented in C), which is responsible for the management of
windows, low-level drawing, font- and color-management. BISS has
already written such a layer for X11, to be included in Kaffe. What I 
did was take this X11 native layer and port it to NEXTSTEP using the 
AppKit and DPS. I did not change any of the Java code of BISS.



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