Mark Probst schani at
Thu Apr 24 12:13:34 PDT 1997

Peter C. Mehlitz wrote:

> I will look into your sources in order to integrate them into my
> source tree (but unfortunately, I don't have access to a NEXTSTEP
> machine). Any hints of what are the main differences?

i don't known wheter this is a good idea at the current stage,  
since the port is not stable and not even complete. additionally, i  
had to do a few changes to some of kaffe's makefiles which i was too  
lazy to incorporate into the configure script. plus, the port uses  
biss-0.86 instead of the new 0.87.

it would be great, however, if you could add a link from the  
biss-homebage to the biss-nextstep homepage, which i have, by the  
way, moved to the  
old url will also remain accessible.

anyway, i hope that the few people who have already claimed  
interest in completing the port, get it to a releasable state pretty  
soon, since it is not really a lot of work, but it's hard to  
accomplish if you don't have a NEXTSTEP machine.


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