Mark Probst schani at
Fri Apr 25 03:14:05 PDT 1997

"Peter C. Mehlitz" wrote:

> > it would be great, however, if you could add a link from the
> > biss-homebage to the biss-nextstep homepage
> Sure, we will add it to the Web pages. If you have anything you


> would like to see either in the native lib or the biss.awt.kernel
> (in order to ease your port), please let me know.

thanks a lot for the offer. actually there is one thing you could  
probably give me a hint for: in DPS (display postscript) there is no  
XOR mode. what we have instead for such occasions is a concept  
called 'instance drawing': you take the current contents of a  
window, turn instance drawing on and you can draw whatever you like  
onto the window. the point is that when you make a 'new instance',  
the old contents of the window are restored.

at the moment i have just ignored XOR-mode. any idea?

btw: i have added two screenshots of the JDE running under NEXTSTEP  
to the homepage. check it out!


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