Masahiro Takatsuka masa at cs.curtin.edu.au
Tue Apr 29 17:05:28 PDT 1997

You wrote:
> This is a patch for kaffe-0.8.4 so that it runs on black NeXT HW.
> By appyling this patch I was able to run javac on HelloWorldApp.java
> and to run the resulting .class file --No other cases tested.
> This bug may also apply to other kaffe configurations.
> Maintainer: Please check if there are still more initializations missing  
> thread.c:startDaemon() and related places -- looks like ...
> <eike at ilink.de>
What will happen if you don't apply this patch and try to run javac?
I built kaffe0.8.4 with NEXTSTEP3.3J developer environment on OPENSTEP4.1J  
running on NeXT040 machine, and it compiled HelloWorldApp.java and ran it  
fine without the patch.

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