toolkit of interest

Andy Tai atai at ece.UCSD.EDU
Tue Apr 29 17:37:21 PDT 1997

> I don't know if anyone is interested on basing an awt implementation
> around this for unix machines, but the fantastic painting program The Gimp
> is about three days away from 1.0 release. It comes complete with its
> own, separate X widget set called the GTK that IMO looks way-cool. The
> widget set is, apparently, being spun off into a seperate distro. Have a
> look and download the 0.99.9 release. Don't remember the url offhand, but
> there's a link to it from, which the site exists
> under. 
>                                 Cheers, Chris

What will be good are  AWT implementations on top of GTK in both Java and C++.
They will serve as a good GUI API for both C++ and Java community, which follows
a well documented standard.  Existence of such APIs also makes porting between
C++ and Java much easier...

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