linux installation bizarrities

Michael Thomas mike at
Wed Apr 30 10:49:28 PDT 1997

  I've been trying to install kaffe all day
yesterday with somewhat strange results. I'm
running Linux 2.0.26 on an intel platform. I've
downloaded 0.84, configured and built it which has
no problems, but when I go to run kaffe, it
segv's. When I gdb'd it, it's never even making it
to main (!). I strace'd it, and it found all of
the libraries, but was getting the segment
violation somewhere around where other programs
call sys_personality (which strace doesn't know
about). According to gdb, the segv seems to be
in libkaffe, referring to some data, but I'm
rather dubious since gdb (at least my gdb) has
never been especially reliable about getting
stack traces after a death signal.
  This is really strange, and I'm not sure what is
wrong. I'm using (5.2.18 wasn't any
better), and if that makes any
difference. What's the most strange is that I
fished the RPM's off of Redhat, installed them,
and they work. I can't get appletviewer to do
anything useful with starting applets, after I
installed the biss-awt, but that's another issue
(it's never calling the init,run, etc methods).
However, javac seems to work just fine.
  Is this even vaguely familiar to anybody? I'm
don't know the internals of linux well enough 
to know why it would be segv'ing before it even
calls main...


PS: if Per Bothner reads this list, long time no see!

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