JNI again

Daniel Dittmar dittmar at berlin.snafu.de
Tue Aug 12 13:39:13 PDT 1997


Another reason why Kaffe should support JNI or something similar:
I would like to embed Kaffe in a server. As requests are handled in
parallel, Java VMs should be independant of another. JNI solves this by
passing a Java Environment variable into every routine while Kaffe seems
to rely on global variables. As this parameter is passed through all
routines, it isn't something I care to do on my own (as it would have to
be repeated in eevery release). So even if Kaffe doesn't adopt JNI, it
would still be very useful (at least to me) if a pointer to the VM would
be passed along.

Daniel Dittmar (mailto:dittmar at berlin.snafu.de)

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