kaffe 0.8.4 and 0.9 don't cooexist

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at quick.com.au
Sat Aug 2 07:22:50 PDT 1997

> I'm going to re-install both with 0.9 using 1 as its major number and
> see how things go.

Ok with a few slight tweaks I now have kaffe-0.84 and kaffe-0.91
running on the same box.  The changes needed were:

1.	install 0.91 libs as *.so.1.91 (putting the libs from
	different versions in different directories and tweaking
	LD_LIBRARY_PATH would also work)
2.	install kaffe-0.84 as bin/kaffe-1.0.2 (explained below)
3.	make /usr/local/share/kaffe-1.0.2/lib/*.so ->
	and stick /usr/local/share/kaffe-1.0.2/lib at head of
4.	modify my java_wrapper.sh to look for kaffe-$JDK before
	looking for kaffe and doing step 3.

Thus to compile an applet I use

JDK=1.0.2 javac applet.java

and to compile a 1.1 application I just use 

javac app.java

You can grab my java_wrapper.sh from 



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