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Can somebody please explain why I got four copies of this message?  I
could understand two copies, since it got sent to both kaffe at kaffe.org
and kaffe at soi.city.ac.uk (for no apparent reason).  But I got two
copies with Message-Id <199708130304.EAA11567 at home.virtual-pc.com> and
two copies with Message-Id <199708130310.EAA18033 at vega.soi.city.ac.uk>.

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Subject: Re: JNI again
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 23:13:56 -0400


  I agree heartily; anything to make it easier to embed Kaffe in products
would be a plus.

  I just noticed that Sun now says something about being able to
redistribute native programs that invoke Java through the JNI; this is a
180 of their position (it means I don't need a source license to embed Java
in my .exe) and may mean that Kaffe is less important to me than it once
was; however, anything to make the Java language unencumbered would be a
very, very good thing.

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> From: Daniel Dittmar <dittmar at berlin.snafu.de>
> To: kaffe at soi.city.ac.uk
> Subject: JNI again
> Date: Tuesday, August 12, 1997 4:39 PM
> Hello,
> Another reason why Kaffe should support JNI or something similar:
> I would like to embed Kaffe in a server. As requests are handled in
> parallel, Java VMs should be independant of another. JNI solves this by
> passing a Java Environment variable into every routine while Kaffe seems
> to rely on global variables. As this parameter is passed through all
> routines, it isn't something I care to do on my own (as it would have to
> be repeated in eevery release). So even if Kaffe doesn't adopt JNI, it
> would still be very useful (at least to me) if a pointer to the VM would
> be passed along.
> Daniel Dittmar (mailto:dittmar at berlin.snafu.de)

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