core dump on Linux

Graffiti espresso at
Sat Aug 23 00:12:46 PDT 1997

> Hello,
> I'm getting consistent core dumps with kaffe-0.9.1 that has
> been patched with Tim Wilkinson's patch posted on 29 Jun 1997.
> I'm using 
> 	GNU C libc6 2.0.4
> 	gcc
> 	linux kernel 2.1.51 with headers from same
> Compilation goes fine and there are no errors.
> I've installed in /usr/local/kaffe
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib:/usr/local/kaffe/lib
> KAFFEHOME=/usr/local/kaffe
> CLASSPATH=/usr/local/kaffe/share/lib/
> When I run kaffe on the HelloWorldApp example, I get:
> cow:~/apps/kaffe/kaffe-0.9.1/test$ kaffe HelloWorldApp 
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I was getting this too, so I played around a bit.  It turns out
that was being linked to,,
/lib/, and **.  Do a 'ldd'
and see if it reports  If it does, compile a static
shell, exec that.  The reason being some shells are dynamically linked

By removing, you can force gcc to use  I don't
know how to force it to do so at compile-time via an options switch,
though (anyone?).

What I did was basically:

cd /lib
mkdir backup
mv* backup
cd ~/src/kaffe-0.91/kaffe/kaffevm
make clean
cd ..
make install

I'm sure there's an easier way, I'm just too lazy to think up of
one. :)

Have fun!

-- DAN (btw, my real email addx is ramuneATdatadepotDOTcom)

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