Kaffe much slower than JDK

David Young dyoung at gargoyle.kia.org
Sun Nov 30 16:33:31 PST 1997

> Can anybody suggest any factors which could cause this behaviour? My
> code is highly recursive with large numbers of different objects being
> created and then discarded (simple tests indicate this shouldn't be
> a problem per se). There is a great deal of string manipulation and also
> a lot of floating point arithmetic.

	Actually, discarding large numbers of objects is a problem for
Kaffe's non-incremental garbage collector, and that probably accounts
for your observation that the JDK runs your application an order of
magnitude faster than Kaffe.

	Apparently the new, incremental GC in Kaffe is not enabled when
one downloads the source code. It looks like you can enable it by
changing the line in gc.h that says:




	You might try that and see if your application doesn't perform
better. I haven't tried it myself, yet. I probably should.


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