trying to build kaffe on PC

Tony Juricic tony at
Thu Dec 4 19:49:48 PST 1997

> Hi Tony,
> I read the mail you wrote to mailing list regarding
> compiling Kaffe in Win95.  I want to thank you for sharing your 
> experiences, since I was just planning to build the Win95 Kaffe. 
> After doing exactly what you described below, I got the kaffe.exe file,
>  but it seems to have a little problem. I type
> kaffe HelloWorldApp
> at the dos prompt (or the bash prompt) (with the HelloWorldApp.class in
> the directory) and the program gives a line that reads
> (C:\KAFFE\BIN\KAFFE.EXE 1000) In cygwin_except_handler
> and hangs there. If I just type "kaffe" I get the correct result (a list of options).
> I will appreciate any info on the subject, like what the line
> (C:\KAFFE\BIN\KAFFE.EXE 1000) In cygwin_except_handler
> may mean.  Thanks for your attention.

Obviously a little problem is not so little and I'm afraid I'll have to
share a lack of knowledge with you.

That is: I have *exactly* the same problem. Since 0.9.1 didn't have
such a problem with the same version of CDK, I thought that something
is wrong in my build process, that I missed something important, and I
reinstalled, unzipped, recompiled etc. Kaffe 0.9.2 distribution a couple
of times.

Finally, I intended to get Sergey's latest patch of Cygwin.dll but
download didn't finish OK, after several hours and 2 attempts.
Whatever I got, my WinZip just kept filling tmp directory with megabaytes 
of data after working for several minutes on my hard drive. It was useless. I 
was getting some junk or something compressed by God knows what.

More or less, I decided to give up Cygwin.dll but that doesn't put me
in a better position right now. I just hope that, eventually, I will have
more control over Kaffe when Cygwin layer is removed, and be able
then to see the bugs more clearly.

Sorry if these problems disappointed you, but you know ...I wasn't happy 


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