kaffe problems with NetBSD 1.2

chrisl at cursci.co.uk chrisl at cursci.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 00:41:36 PST 1997

	I'm having real problems getting kaffe 0.9.2 to work properly on my NetBSD 1.2 (Amiga) system.
After following the advice in earlier postings to the kaffe mailing list I got it to compile,
first by changing the LDTAIL flags in 3 makefiles (packages/tjwassoc.co.uk/APIcore/lib, packages/tjwassoc.co.uk/APIcore/lib, kaffe/kaffevm) 
and then by removing the -O2 optimisation from the makefile in kaffe/kaffevm.

Now I can compile kaffe, but it produces the following errors when I run it (using HelloWorld.test)

/usr/libexec/ld.so: undefined symbol "_java_lang_reflect_Field_setDouble" in Kaffe: /usr/local/lib/libnative.so

(an ld on libnative.so produces the following...

ld: No reference to __DYNAMIC)

Has anyone got a working version compiled for NetBSD Amiga? What changes do I need to make.
Is there a binary available anywhere out there? (I have a binary snapshot of 0.8.x but desperatly need 0.9.2)



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