Two problems with kaffe 0.9.2 on IRIX 6.2

Thomas Hadig hadig at
Fri Dec 12 05:41:23 PST 1997


i have encountered two problems using kaffe on an SGI Indy
( uname -a : IRIX tortuga 6.2 03131015 IP22)

1. javac crashes at static string arrays (has also been reported to sun)

Source :

public class test extends Frame
  public static void main (String[] args) { 
    String buttons_labels[] = new String[] { "Load", "Uptime", "#Users", "Disks" }; }

Problem :

tortuga:tmp 75> javac
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.exprArgs(line unknown, pc 17)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseTerm(line unknown, pc 5b4)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseBinaryExpression(line unknown, pc 412)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseExpression(line unknown, pc a)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseDeclaration(line unknown, pc 19)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseStatement(line unknown, pc 76e)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseBlockStatement(line unknown, pc 46)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseStatement(line unknown, pc 101)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseField(line unknown, pc 230)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseClassBody(line unknown, pc bd)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseNamedClass(line unknown, pc 92)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseClass(line unknown, pc 15)
        at sun/tools/java/Parser.parseFile(line unknown, pc f5)
        at sun/tools/javac/BatchEnvironment.parseFile(line unknown, pc 40)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.compile(line unknown, pc 31e)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.main(line unknown, pc 32)
error: An error has occurred in the compiler; please file a bug report (
1 error

(Note : i also tested this with version 0.9.1 and have the same problem)

2. kaffe crashes when using AWT

Source :

import java.awt.*;

public class test2 extends Frame
  private Font font;
  public test2() { font = new Font("Courier", Font.PLAIN, 12);  }
  public static void main (String[] args) { new test2(); }

Problem :

tortuga:tmp 73> javac
tortuga:tmp 74> kaffe test2
        at biss/awt/kernel/Toolkit.<init>(line unknown, pc 4e)
        at biss/awt/kernel/Toolkit.<init>(line unknown, pc 4)
        at java/awt/Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(243)
        at java/awt/Font.initializeFont(105)
        at java/awt/Font.<init>(119)
        at test2.<init>(line unknown, pc e)
        at test2.main(line unknown, pc 3)

(Note : I used kaffe 0.9.2 with javasoft 0.9.2 and bissawt 0.9.1 )
(Note : I also tested version 0.9.1 for kaffe/javasoft/bissawt, which
  also does not work)
(Note : removing the font call and doing e.g. a this.pack() call has the
  same effect, the problem is in the initialization of the awt package)


Did i do something wrong or is version 0.9.1 of bissawt buggy on SGI ?

Ciao and thanks in advance

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