Problems with kaffe-0.9.2 under 1.2G (i386)

John C. Hayward John.C.Hayward at
Tue Dec 23 22:45:18 PST 1997

Dear Kaffe People,
   Anyone successfully installed kaffe-0.9.2 under NetBSD 1.2G (i386)
   Tonight I found out about kaffe and attempted to install and run in on
a NetBSD 1.2G system (about to be upgraded to 1.3 when it is released). 
The config, make, make install went as expected.  I did not originally
download the sun class libraries but did so and ran make, make install.
Had problem apaently with gunzip at the end of the tgz file but have 
seen this before on other packages
   The documentation in the README indicated some environment variables
which seemed to be pointing at the wrong place (/usr/share/kaffe vs
where things were unloaded).  After adjusting things to point to the
sun's file I could start the hello world application without
complaints about not finding 'java/lang/Ojbect'.  However it seemed to
go into a loop throwing exceptions when I looked at the core file
with gdb.
    Has anybody any hints about what I may be doing wrong or anybody
running kaffe on NetBSD with or without problems?

    Any pointers will be appreciated.
    kaffe users please respond via e-mail as well since I'm not on the
list (yet).


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