kaffe: can't resolve symbol 'XSetErrorHandler'

Garrick West - Gettin' outa here! gwest at eecs.wsu.edu
Mon Feb 17 14:10:03 PST 1997

   I get the above error message when trying to use anything w/ AWT under
Linux.  I'm running Red Hat 3.0.3 patched up to run 2.0.x kernels (yeah, I
know it's old, but I've been too busy/lazy to the overhaul I want to).
Any colsole applications run great!  Kaffe realy blows away the Sun
interpreter.  In using a notoriously slow method for calculating Pi that
makes n million calls to Math.pow & the Math Random functions, Kaffe runs
5 times faster :)
    Here are some more specs on my system (if you can see anything
notoriously obvious).

System Stuff
Moo-tiff 2.0 (ancient version, first to have ELF libs)
RH 3.0.3 (as mentioned above)
Kernel 2.0.27
XFree86 3.1.2-(some patch I can't recall)

Kaffe 0.8.0 Components

Am I missing any section of the Biss-AWT package in order to run w/
Only other thing I can think of...

When building, I get the following warning messages repaeated many times:

/usr/include/sys/mman.h:11:warning: `MAP_FILE' redefined
/usr/include/asm/mman.h:29:warning: this is the location of the previous

This is the only warning/error message that comes up.

Any ideas?

Garrick West
gwest at eecs.wsu.edu

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