GC problems with M68K [KAFFE 0.8.1]

Juan J. Collas jcollas at moreira.com
Wed Feb 19 13:10:13 PST 1997


I found a bug deep in the thread.h files for m68k configurations. I think this has affected things since 0.8.0.

I apologize for not sending a diff; I don't have a useful Unix machine with me.

Change the guts of M68K_THREADINFO to set the base pointer like so from:

	(ee)->restorePoint = 0;
	(ee)->stackBase =NULL;
	(ee)->stackEnd = (void *)ptr;


	(ee)->restorePoint = 0;
	(ee)-stackEnd = (void *)ptr;
	(ee)stackBase = (ee)->stackEnd - threadStackSize;



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