Kaffe thread implementation

John D. Gwinner gwinner at northnet.org
Fri Feb 21 06:56:24 PST 1997


  I may be interested in seeing this code as well.  I've played with Kaffe
since early versions, but I *may* be going with the MicroSoft Java VM --
it's free, and it allows me to continue to use my existing (C++) source and
just add Java.  

  Warning: I'm a very underfunded commercial concern (self-funded) so I may
be interested in using this in a shipping product.

		== John ==

From: Pontus Rydin <pontus at abalon.se>
To: 'kaffe at soi.city.ac.uk'
Subject: SV: Kaffe thread implementation
Date: Thursday, February 20, 1997 8:16 AM

I've made a port of kaffe 0.5.5 that uses Windowns/NT native OS threads.
One of the major problems was the mutex/condvar code that needed a
complete redesign in order to work with native threads. Furthermore, the
GC (again, in 0.5.5) wasn't preemption safe at all. I solved this by
using PARC-GC instead (mainly because the rest of my project depends on

If you like to see the code, I would be happy to share it with you. Of
course, since it's a Win32 port of 0.5.5, most of the code is useless to
you, but you might find some of the basic design useful.

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