m68k jit patch

Erik erjohann at sn.no
Sun Feb 23 16:15:04 PST 1997

Ruben van Staveren <staveren at ronix.ptf.hro.nl> writes:
> As stated on the web pages, kaffe-0.8.1 should support jit on m68k architectures.
> however, the code is in the directory aux and not in e.g. netbsd1
> Does this mean that the sources need to be linked to that directory, or that jit on
> m68k is not yet complete...

You need to add a jit-md.h file and update md.c in the netbsd1 directory, however
there are some problems with the assembler failing to assemble som of the inline
asm statements. Shouldn't be to difficult to fix.


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