James Wilson
Fri Aug 1 01:39:18 PDT 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Guy Carpenter wrote:

> I've just started using kaffe as the
> engine for a 3d virtual world.  The current implementation
> uses plain C.  I'm now splitting the
> server engine (which will remain in C) from the world model,
> which will be rewritten in Java.

hi. I'm working on a similar project which might be of use to you. in a
nutshell, it's a mud or virtual world system, written entirely in java,
which is designed to communicate with java clients and extend their
functionality as needed by sending classes over the network.

> Parts of the world model will be modified on the fly.  I'm be trying to
> get a local file ClassLoader working so I can experiment with
> loading (and hopefully unloading) classes.  I've just started

I have a series of classes I could give to you which allow loading of
classes from either a remote server or the local filesystem. Actually,
loading in classes from the local system is the easy part: ClassLoader
defines a findSystemClass method. Unloading will depend on your

James Wilson

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