Does anyone have a configuration for m68k/sunos4?

Tchavdar Roussanov troussan at
Thu Jul 3 08:37:15 PDT 1997

Mattias Johansson wrote:
> We are going to port Kaffe to VRTX on m68k. The compilation is made on
> a
> machine different from the target, so we have no possibility to make a
> autoconf. Our strategy is to use Kaffe for m68k/sunos4 as a base when
> porting to VRTX.
> If anyone has a configuration for m68k/sunos4 it would be very good if
> we could have a copy.
> --
> /Mattias Johansson <matjo at>
>  Martin Lanzen <lanzen at>

I have the same problem. I'm working on MQX/m68k port of Kaffe. 

Any suggestions about configuration when using cross compilers ?
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