signal handling

David Young dyoung at
Mon Jul 7 13:59:09 PDT 1997

	A nice feature for a Java interpreter, I think, would be that it
sent a ThreadDeath to all of its threads and finalize()'d all of its
objects before exiting upon receiving any signal besides SIGKILL.
That way a program would have an opportunity to clean up after itself
and die gracefully when you pressed ^C or rebooted your computer.
Another possibility is that a single ^C could begin a graceful
shutdown, and a second ^C would cancel that and kill the interpreter.

	I am surprised that neither the JDK interpreter nor Kaffe
feature a "soft kill". I would have thought that Sun would have
defined that as a standard feature for a Java compliant interpreter.
Is there any reason that a "soft kill" feature is infeasible or just
plain bad?


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