Which version works fine?

Bertrand.Guiheneuf at inria.fr Bertrand.Guiheneuf at inria.fr
Mon Jul 21 05:09:47 PDT 1997

Hi everyone.

So far as I well understood the mails on this mailing list, 
does not allow ANY awt operation.

So let's come back to v0.9.0 ...
I can't compile it on Dec alpha.
It seems that somebody proposed a partial patch in a mail.
I guess there must be a ftp site where patched versions are 

If not and if nobody was able to execute jdk1.1.1 code with kaffe
then I guess the kaffe main home-page should remove Dec Alpha from
the architectures list on which kaffe runs. 
I spent a lot of time trying to install kaffe on alpha.
Remember that many * non guru * users 
naively think -If they say it works, that must work-.

This is only a remark, not an attack !!!

Any proposition?


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