Problem with environment variables

Glynn Clements glynn at
Sun Jul 27 22:08:15 PDT 1997

Miguel Albuquerque wrote:

> I'm having some trouble installing Kaffe on Unix BSDi. I need to know the exact settings
> of the environment variables CLASSPATH, KAFFEHOME, PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The
> contents of the ENVIRONMENT file generated during installation is as follows:
>    CLASSPATH=.:/usr/home/javauniv/usr/local/share/kaffe/
>    KAFFEHOME=/usr/home/javauniv/usr/local/share/kaffe
>    PATH=/usr/home/javauniv/usr/local/bin:$PATH
> What is supposed to do? I would like to know a couple of things:
> 1. What shell do I need to be running (e.g., sh, csh, tcsh, etc)?

The syntax of the above declarations is for bourne shell (e.g. sh, bash).

> 2. How do I set the environment variables (set or setenv)? What is
> the syntax that must be used?

For bourne shell, you can just use `. ./ENVIRONMENT', or merge the
declarations with ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc etc.

For csh, I think that you will need to use setenv.

> 3. What does the line 'export ...' mean?

export makes the variables environment variables rather than shell
variables, so that they are available to processes started from the
shell, e.g. kaffe.

> 4. What should be the setting for LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

It should include the directory that contains the shared libraries
(the libkaffe*.so files).

Glynn Clements <glynn at>

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