Kaffe (and JIT) for ARM

Peter Ham peterham at peterham.com
Tue Jul 29 23:09:11 PDT 1997

	I have a client that wants this and is willing to pay for some
portion of it. I actually would like to do it myself, but don't
want to duplicate any effort.

	Has anyone made any progress on this and willing to do it
on a contract basis?

	The intention is to run this on the StrongArm using the
vxworks operating system.
	I'm in the process of porting Kaffe to VxWorks. I've had some
trouble configuring since VxWorks uses gcc as a CROSS compiler, so
the second half of the configuration fails, so I've been doing it
	Now, I'm replacing some unix calls with their posix equivalents
as supported by VxWorks.
	For my client, I did a performance comparison of Kaffe 0.8.4 on
versus Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine running on Windows NT.

	Any help would be appreciated.

	Also, Kaffe 0.9 seems to require the memalign() function which is not
supported in vxworks (I don't think).

Peter Ham

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