BISS Questions

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at
Tue Jun 10 12:46:17 PDT 1997

The GifImageDecoder problem is caused by the Sun appletviewer. Since it heavily
uses the other Sun classes (and native lib), his class doesn't work with
biss.awt. The only workaround I currently see is to enhance the
biss.awt.AppletViewer. But be prepared that this is not the only compatibility
problem with biss-awt-0.87 (it mainly was intended to be used explicitly).

The invisible text might be an alpha problem (at least I remember there was
something similiar reported before). Are the contents of the TextFields Ok? You
can eaily check that by printing getContents() to System.out. What kind of
visual do you use? Just in case you use Grayscale, any chance to switch that to
Pseudo- or Truecolor?


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