Kaffe sounds great but how bug-free is it?

Richard A. Guay rag at asicint.com
Thu Jun 12 09:32:26 PDT 1997

On 12 Jun 97 at 19:58, Tim Wilkinson <Tim Wilkinson 
<kaffe at kaffe.org>> wrote:

> Ed,
> Erm, how do I quantify this.  Well 0.9.0 is known to have a number of
> annoying bugs but I'm hoping to ship 0.9.1 real soon now so these will
> all go away .... hopefully.  0.9.1 will also be 1.1.2 compatiable.

Will this include JNI support?  I am doing some JNI programming that 
would be nice to be able to run on Kaffe as well as JDK 1.1.2.

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