First gcc-compiled Java program runs!

Michael Thomas mike at
Sat Jun 14 12:05:23 PDT 1997

Per Bothner writes:
 > The following little Java program compiles under "cc1java"
 > (the Gcc front-end for Java that reads a .class file and
 > emits assembly code).  It runs correctly, using Kaffe (a
 > modified pre-0.9.1 snapshot) as the run-time engine.
 > It took 16 seconds to execute.  In comparison, the
 > same programs compiled by Kaffe's JIT takes 26 seconds,
 > and Sun's JDK 1.1 takes 88 seconds to run the same program.
 > In all cases, this is under Solaris 2.5.

   K00l beans Per, but one thing that would
be interesting to know is how well it stacks
up to a native C implementation. It would be
easy to rewrite your program, but I don't have
your Sun to reference your number to.

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