Kaffe 0.9.0 runtime problems

David E. Young dey at ascend2-dey.fns.com
Wed Jun 18 07:06:05 PDT 1997

Greetings. I just built and installed Kaffe 0.9.0, and am experiencing
some runtime problems. The particulars:

  * Kaffe 0.9.0 (kaffe-0.9.0.tgz, kaffe-0.9.0-package-javasoft.com.tgz)

  * Gcc 2.7.2

  * RedHat 4.0, Linux kernel revision 2.0.30

  * Pentium 166, 32MB RAM, plenty of disk space.

When executing a Java class file, upon start-up the VM immediately
prints "Library load failed: File not found", then continues. The
sample program included with the distribution (HelloWorldApp.java)
runs successfully; however, a more complicated program we've written
that creates a number of threads fails with:

          at java/lang/Thread.init(line unknown, pc 0x80e1122)
          at java/lang/Thread.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x80dc3bf)
          at Runner.<init>(101)
          at Starved.main(81)

This program executes correctly under Solaris 2.5.1 (JDK 1.1.1) and
the Sun JDK Linux port (JDK 1.1.1).

I have the environment configured as per the Kaffe README (and
following the 'ENVIRONMENT' file created during the build). To be



(/usr/local/bin is already in my PATH)

There were no problems during build or installation. I've poked around
the mail digest on http://opera.inrialpes.fr/tools/Kaffe/messages/,
and have also read the FAQ that comes with the distribution.

We're building a large, "system-level" piece of software (100% Java),
and would like to do parallel builds on Linux using Kaffe. I'd
appreciate any assistance.



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