First gcc-compiled Java program runs!

Nelson Minar nelson at
Wed Jun 18 13:23:43 PDT 1997

Per Bothner writes:
>The following little Java program compiles under "cc1java"

Yay! Great work, Per. People keep asking for Java code compiled to
native binaries. It'd be nice if the Free world had it early.

When you become interested in doing serious benchmarking, I think it's
important to compare to the speed of stuff running on the Microsoft
JavaVM. You can test kaffe, toba, gcc, JDK, etc all on the same
hardware between Linux and Windows. (Or Solaris, for that matter).

Mike Thomas writes:
>   1) How awful is Sun's javac? Is the bytecode it
>      generates optimized very well?

No, it's not optimized at all really. You get a big win if you do
strength reduction, code invariants, etc by hand. Bleah. There's a
good web page on Java optimization at

btw, what ever happened to Guile? Anyone working on Java->Guile?

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