kaffe 0.9.0 problem

David Young d_young at fujitsu-fnc.com
Thu Jun 26 06:01:26 PDT 1997

>>>>> "David" == David Young <dyoung at cu-online.com> writes:

David> 	It looks like you have everything set up properly. Have you
David> run ldconfig since installing Kaffe? That might do the trick.

Hey David. Cool name.

Yup, ran ldconfig. No luck. However, last night I took someone's
suggestion and added /usr/local/lib as the first entry in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH; this eliminated the missing library warnings.

Unfortunately, Kaffe 0.9.0 appears to be just plain broken, on both
Linux and Solaris. Thread object constructors are failing with
NullPointerExceptions, there's some trouble with class String's meta
(Class) data, etc. I've filed three "official" bug reports, but
perhaps I should just wait for a release that actually works.

Thanks much for your reply.



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