Kaffe 0.9.1 problems on OPENSTEP4.1

Gabriel Sebestyen sebestyen_g at accentcomm.com
Sun Jun 29 09:05:09 PDT 1997


I tried to compile the newest kaffe dist and I found some problems:

1., config/i386/jit.h:


#define	CALL_KAFFE_FUNCTION_VARARGS(meth, obj, nargs, argptr, retval)	\
	asm volatile ("							\n\
		movl %3,%0						\n\
1:              cmpl $0,%0                                             
		je 2f							\n\
                decl %0                                                
                pushl (%4,%0,4)                                        
		jmp 1b							\n\
2:		pushl %2						\n\
		call *%1						\n\
		movl %3,%%ecx						\n\
		lea 4(%%esp,%%ecx,4),%%esp"				\
		: "=&a"(retval)						\
		: "g"(METHOD_NATIVECODE(meth)), "g"(obj), "m"(nargs),	\
		  "r"(argptr) : "eax", "ecx", "edx", "cc", "memory")


I got the following error message while compiling kaffe/kaffevm/funcs.c
- CALL_KAFFE_FUNCTION_VARARGS: inconstistent operand constrains (I think
at line 80 and 2 more places).
I solve this problem by replacing this block with the older one at kaffe
0.9 (Is this correct ?)

2., config/i386/trampolines:

#define	START_ASM_FUNC() ".text\n\t.align 4\n\t.global "

Ugh, that was a nice error that I've never heard! I could'n remember but
I had to change the '.global' to '.globl' and replace this line:



#define	C_FUNC_NAME(FUNC) "_" #FUNC

OK. After these problems I managed to compile kaffe but when I wanted to
compile the test/HelloWorldApp.java I got '255 Illegal Instruction'
first and at the next try '258 Illegal Instruction' and so on...
Well, I don't know what to do now so I ask you and Tim to help me!

Gabriel Sebestyen

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