kaffe-0.8.x garbage collection problem (at least on m68k)

Richard Henderson richard at atheist.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 3 14:03:11 PST 1997

> Erm, does this mean that on the m68k pointers aren't aligned to 4 byte
> boundaries within structures - shurely shome mistake.

Likely dependant on the compiler.  The processor only needs 2 byte alignment.
gcc 2.7.2 at least rounds to 4 bytes.

But there is another problem with the gc, at least on A/UX -- the main
program stack is grown dynamically, but only if the fault is through a
write through %sp.  Which means that you cannot at startup time say

	stackbase = ...
	stackend = stackbase - X

because X is likely below the current %sp, and so you'll crash on the
first gc pass.  It would be nice if the gc would look at the current
stack rather than the entire stack.  This would also have the effect
of supressing false positives from stack garbage.


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