Big Crashes on BSD

hyatt david w d-hyatt at
Wed Mar 5 15:09:19 PST 1997

> Dave,
> This BSD bug (where the whole machine locks up) has been reported by other
> but I'm at a loss to be able to solve it since I don't have a BSDI machine
> (and trying this out remotely is rather a one off afair).  Is there any
> chance you could look into this at all?  It seems to happen even for the
> simplest programs.
> Cheers
> Tim

I'm afraid it's too hard for me to do that... I log in remotely
to the BSDI machine I use, and if it crashes once, I usually
have to wait a long time before the guy who owns it even
reboots the thing... 

The one time I did use the new kaffe, it crashed the machine
spectacularly... :)

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