Kaffe 0.8.2 with native threads

James Irwin jimbob at bristol.st.com
Fri Mar 7 03:14:19 PST 1997

Hiya Frank (All),

I have a port of the Sun JVM v1.02 to a new (silicon is not yet
available) 64bit RISC microprocessor.  With this microporcessor, I can
get my hands on a Chorus compatible kernel to provide thread
functionality -- that's how I currently implement threading on the sun
JVM.  If you could point me to a copy of the kaffe source using native
threads -- a chorus one would be even better (less work to do) I'd be
very pleased.

My current task is to develop a JIT for this JVM.  The sun JVM provides
a framework (rather thin) for this rather important feature, whereas
kaffe has had a strong JIT commitment since birth (ish).  I'd love to
look at kaffe on our new CPU, however I know of a number of problems:

1) It's 64bit -- but I can fudge things.
2) I've been using sun code so I'm not clean to put code back into the
kaffe project.
3) I have to cross compile -- and I am no autoconfigure expert --
(stupid mode) how  do you cross compile with one of these setups?

I've got the popular question also regarding the correctness of kaffe. 
I believe you can use the class library from the sun jdk 1.02 -- great,
but are there still frequent sun/kaffe behaviour differences or has this
problem settled down? 

Sorry for not actually talking about Frank's subject, but I have a more
personally dominating matter.


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