Kaffe on MkLinux

Rick Greer rick at sandpiper.com
Tue Mar 11 06:48:04 PST 1997

> I have grabbed kaffe-0.8.2.tgz and
> kaffe-0.8.2-package-javasoft.com.tgz. Compiling and installing on my
> MkLinux DR2 (+updates) seemed success-full, though a few modifications
> were needed for some Makefile.in.  I then set environment variables
> using ENVIRONMENT file to test the kaffe. typing:
>	% cd <java source directory>/test
>	% kaffe HelloWorldApp
> printed "Hello World!". Great! It works! Next thing I tried was:
>	% javac HelloWorldApp.java
> and this produced:
> 	kaffe: ./intrp/machine.c:186: virtualMachine: Assertion `npc <meth->codelen' failed.
> Am I missing something? Has anyone succeeded in installing Kaffe/javac 
> on a MkLinux box?

I've been having similar problems with the MachTen version.  I suspect that
there's something wrong with the thread handling on the PowerPC port, but
I haven't been able to track it down yet.  Something (the garbage collector,
perhaps), is running wild behind the sceenes and trashing thread state.

Eventually, I'll get some free time and should be able to track this down

								-- Reg

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