Known Bugs, Memory Leaks, Purify

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at
Wed Mar 12 00:08:19 PST 1997

>Is there an archive for this list, or a faq other than the
>one on the web page?

>We are wondering if we are seeing a slow memory leak,
>has anyone tried to Purify this?

  I tried INSURE from Parasoft on 0.7.1, but as soon as
the GC started, INSURE got lost. Debugging any memory
leak might be very difficult on the JIT version I guess ...

>Lastly, we are running this on a large commercial deployment
>and we'd like to hear from any other people planning this if
>they have any words of ...

  Nothing commercial for us, but we expect to ship next version
of Amaya with Kaffe !

  Considering the amount of platforms, maintaining a 
global "current state" page with all specifics status would 
probably be difficult (would be nice anyway). Maybe this should
be split to other pages maintained by separate people. 


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